Sexts From Marxists

I haven’t posted all quarter. =(

To make up for that I am linking to this amazing blog my comrade has been working on: Sexts From Marxists


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WSWCGS Tribute #6

Things have been a bit hectic and I have totally neglected blog updates the last few weeks. So I will try to make it up with this SPONGEBOB themed What Should We Call Grad School tribute! =)

That Nov 1st paycheck

Nov 1st

Me during the Stats final

during the stats final

When my students complain about having to read a whole 2 articles per week

when my students complain about having to read two articles in a week

…yeah … just about every day…

feel like this almost every day

My department is offering a seminar I am actually interested in

my dept is actually offering a class i am interested in

Grading problematic student papers

how I feel grading problematic student papers

Professor adds more readings to the syllabus weeks into the quarter

professor adds more readings to the syllabus

Passing back midterms to my students

telling students their midterms have been graded

Its a heavy quant article

heavy quant article

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Clef and society

A musicologist says to her sociologist friend, “We’re not that different you and I.”

“How so?” the sociologist asks skeptically.

“We both study cymbalic interaction.”

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To Frisbee or not to Frisbee

The mayor of a town with a sizable public park  wanted to tear down the area of the park used to play a game some refer to as Frisbee golf or disc golf . The metal was getting rusty, the ground was unkept, and it went unused and some people had been complaining about it being a potential safety hazard to small children. The town budget had been facing difficulties for years and he didn’t want to be seen as frivolously spending money on something that wasn’t deemed emergency or necessary to the functioning of the town. So instead of having the department of public works take care of it he decided to hire two sociologists instead.

A reporter questioned him on the wisdom of this hiring decision. But he retorted, “On the contrary, I heard that they would be a great choice to deconstruct the disc course.”

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Thank you FYSSS! =)

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to Fuck Yeah Sociology Student Sheep for the link to this page. Before today the most hits I had was just over 100, but I’ve gotten over 750 in the 10 hours since you linked to me. Thanks, and you have been added to my Links section.


Check the page out and get some laughs!



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Warp pipe to nowhere

Our worst fears of post-doc life: 

TENURE is in another castle

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Learning the Gannon

Another way in which grad school is like a video game…


… and you also start out with zero rupees.

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