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The Metropolis and Single Life

Sociologist Personals Ad:

“Middle aged and highly educated. Looking for a non-linear relationship. I’m terrible at first dates because I just¬†over-analyze¬†our symbolic interaction. While I’m not a functionalist I’m certainly not looking for conflict in our relationship. Turn offs: missing data, heteroskedasticity, and endnotes. Interests: The roles of complex organizations and networks in the relationship between economic development and the construction of a post-colonial narrative of neo-nationalism. Call me if while reading this all you could think of is what Goffman would have said about my ad. (555) 555-5555. I didn’t post a photo so just use your sociological imagination.”


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Social Construction of Meow-ality

Sociology Cat is a Social Constructionist.

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Pink Freud – Animals

Apparently a lost manuscript of Freud’s was just found. It was written after Civilization and Its Discontents and follows many of its same themes, but focuses on a critical analysis of music and musical taste. It was to be titled Sax and Violins.

(This joke works best when read out loud.)

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Mr. T

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