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Mash-ups! Part 1

If social theorists had instead pursued music careers:

Marcuse, Fromm, Adorno, and Young (of course!) would be the Frankfurt Supergroup of folk-rock.


That Old Functionalist Bastard (O.F.B.) would change his name to Durk McGurk and release a solo album.


Europeans and their electronic dance music….



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Its all about the catchy title!

For my class, Contemporary Social Theory, I just wrote a paper on Bruno Latour’s “Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory”. Latour likes to refer to his theory by the abbreviation ANT. In my response paper I find many epistemological problems with Latour’s work, hence my title:

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PUN-ishment for bad writing

Another sociology TA said, “I like leaving “tautological” as a cryptic comment on student papers. That’s what they get!”

To which I responded, “Sounds like you “tautological” them a lesson!”

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Pre-existing condition

A socio-biologist asked me to join the University Genetics Club today.

I responded, “I’m sorry but I’m just not predisposed to joining clubs.” ;P

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