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From the pun-nut gallery

A sociologist of education who just finished a three-year long study on school staff dynamics and issues gave a presentation to an eager crowd.

During the Q&A section one audience member asked, “You spent a great deal of timeĀ talkingĀ about teachers, teacher-aides, and support staff, and while I found all of your data and conclusions very interesting I am wondering how administration fits into this picture. I guess I am asking, what are your principal findings?”


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Mash-ups! Part 3

If they were t.v. shows….

burawoy science guy

haraway bionic

scooby bourdieu

carnoy and levin recess



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In one linear and out the other…

A review article from ASR responded to Abbott’s (1988) piece “Transcending General Linear Reality“:

“Abbott (1988) critiques current quantitative methods of social research for ascribing to what he refers to General Linear Reality (GLR), which is, he argues, a hidden epistemological assumption behind the most common tool used in quantitative research, the General Linear Model (GLM). Abbott proposes three alternate methods of understanding time and causation: demographic, sequential, and network-perspective.

These alternatives, he acknowledges, have their own shortcomings as well. What then does his article contribute to the discourse on methods? I would argue nothing. Abbott’s article offers no solutions and raises nothing that good quantitative researchers don’t already know. It is nothing more than a temporality tantrum!”

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Mash-ups! Part 2

If social theorists had instead pursued carers in writing fiction…

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Conan the Weberian #4

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November 4, 2012 · 11:38 am