About Bad Sociology Jokes

I am a grad student in the sociology PhD program at UC Davis. I share an office with a few other grad students and we like to laugh and joke around. One day I started putting up a “Bad Joke of the Week” on the dry erase board on the wall, which eventually evolved into this blog because I wanted to save my jokes every week and also have more to work with, like pictures, both of which you can’t really do on a white board.

I know these jokes are very esoteric and I know they are really cheesy. I am OK with that. Humor has been a powerful weapon (and activism of course!) for dealing with much of the bullshit that is grad school (and the UC system… my first quarter was this.)


I haven’t touched this site in two years… but I started another blog with my more political and UC activism based thoughts.(Check it out if that sounds interesting to you.)


4 responses to “About Bad Sociology Jokes

  1. I wanted to thank you for this amazing blog. As a second semester undergraduate senior in sociology this blog has made me laugh to the point of crying many many times.

    • Thank you so much Pat! You don’t know how much that means to me. Sure I share this with my colleagues but mostly this blog is for me, it helps me get through the days sometimes, so to know that someone else is laughing along puts a big smile on my face! Good luck with your studies! =)

  2. Ben

    Love this! If you don’t mind I’m gonna post some of this content on the bulletin board in our department. I think people need a few laughs now and then (especially now with finals and everything) thanks! 🙂

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