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In one linear and out the other…

A review article from ASR responded to Abbott’s (1988) piece “Transcending General Linear Reality“:

“Abbott (1988) critiques current quantitative methods of social research for ascribing to what he refers to General Linear Reality (GLR), which is, he argues, a hidden epistemological assumption behind the most common tool used in quantitative research, the General Linear Model (GLM). Abbott proposes three alternate methods of understanding time and causation: demographic, sequential, and network-perspective.

These alternatives, he acknowledges, have their own shortcomings as well. What then does his article contribute to the discourse on methods? I would argue nothing. Abbott’s article offers no solutions and raises nothing that good quantitative researchers don’t already know. It is nothing more than a temporality tantrum!”


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A qualitative anthropologist invited a friend of his, a quantitative sociologist, to his place for a BBQ to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of a new academic year.The anthropologist fancied himself quite the cook and made a variety of kabobs for this occasion, to show off his cooking skills.

At the end of the night the anthropologist asked his sociologist friend what he thought of his cooking.

“I don’t have enough information to confidently respond to that question” his friend replied, rather disappointingly.

“Why not?!” The anthropologist exclaimed in dismay. “You tried the lamb kabob, the bell pepper and beef kabob, the teriyaki chicken kabob, and even the all-veggie kabobs with my homemade garlic and herb marinade!”

“Yes,” the sociologist responded, “but all my samples were skewered.”

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Even Boromir knows….

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