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To Frisbee or not to Frisbee

The mayor of a town with a sizable public park  wanted to tear down the area of the park used to play a game some refer to as Frisbee golf or disc golf . The metal was getting rusty, the ground was unkept, and it went unused and some people had been complaining about it being a potential safety hazard to small children. The town budget had been facing difficulties for years and he didn’t want to be seen as frivolously spending money on something that wasn’t deemed emergency or necessary to the functioning of the town. So instead of having the department of public works take care of it he decided to hire two sociologists instead.

A reporter questioned him on the wisdom of this hiring decision. But he retorted, “On the contrary, I heard that they would be a great choice to deconstruct the disc course.”


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From the pun-nut gallery

A sociologist of education who just finished a three-year long study on school staff dynamics and issues gave a presentation to an eager crowd.

During the Q&A section one audience member asked, “You spent a great deal of time talking about teachers, teacher-aides, and support staff, and while I found all of your data and conclusions very interesting I am wondering how administration fits into this picture. I guess I am asking, what are your principal findings?”

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PUN-ishment for bad writing

Another sociology TA said, “I like leaving “tautological” as a cryptic comment on student papers. That’s what they get!”

To which I responded, “Sounds like you “tautological” them a lesson!”

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Wearing your ideology on your sleeves…

We were reading selections from Marx’s Capital for Classical Social Theory class and someone from my cohort said they were sick of reading about the linens and coats.

To which I replied, “So you are not a Marxist-Linen-ist?”

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